Hi there!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am Jessica - born and raised in Metro-Detroit.  I stand tall at 5'11".  I am married to my best friend and mommy to four sweet littles.  

Photography fell into my lap when I became a mother in 2008.  Coming off a job in the creative field (I hold a Bacheor's degree in Interior Design), I found photography was that perfect blend of technical and artistic.  What started out as a hobby to provide a creative outlet while on maternity leave turned into something so much more.  I absolutely LOVE what I do!  I know firsthand how childhood passes so quickly.  It is my mission to capture these special moments for you.

Some fun facts about me:

- I can browse for hours, days, years even(!!) at flea markets and antique barns.

- I love doing pilates in my spare time.

- I don't own a smartphone!

- I can watch re-runs of Project Runway and Top Chef all day long.

- I am a horrible cook and baker, although I try really hard!  Salads are my go-to  :)

- I would rather stay in with a good movie and take-out then go party!

- I love vintage anything.  I am a pretty modern girl, but honestly my biggest wish is that time travel was possible....

So happy you stopped by!  I can't wait to plan our session together.  Let's chat today!